Professional Coaching

REALiving offers professional coaching services to help you be the best in all aspects of your life. Services are available, and provided telephonically or via video.

Our coaches are strength and solution based, focused and efficient and can help you in development of your REAL business assets. We can help with:
- communication skills
- organization
- leadership
- balance
- stress management
- job satisfaction
- productivity
- improve your confidence
- self concept
- build and develop your personal authenticity
- work-life balance
- relationship issues with co-workers
- career minded goals and objectives

Our coaches can assist you in skill exploration, building strengths and other skill development to enhance your work performance.

Let our coaches help you execute the plan you need to be your BEST, TODAY!


Cindy Smith, REALiving Consultant, has recently completed training as an Intrinsic Coach. She also has a MBA and REAL life experience as a leader. If you are wanting to improve your professional skills, especially those as a leader, Cindy can help!


Marni Waznik, REALiving Consultant and Intrinsic Coach, has experience as a human resources director and training professional. If you are wanting to improve your planning, problem solving or people management skills, Marni can help!


Sadie Bygd, REALiving Consultant, "Time and Organizational Guru", and Intrinsic Coach, Sadie combines these skill sets to help you achieve your BEST in the workplace. If you want to be better organized at work, she can help!
Linda Aton, REALiving Consultant and Intrinsic Coach, is passionate about helping people discover their “authentic power”. Linda helps people connect their professional goals with their personal desires. If you want to be a better professional by being uniquely YOU, she can help!
Holly Hakes, REALiving Consultant and Intrinsic Coach, is passionate about helping people be their BEST. Holly is creative and likes to empower people to think outside the box in finding (and creating) their real BEST. If you want to creatively explore your BEST, she can help!
Sandy Meier, REALiving Consultant and Intrinsic Coach, has vast experience in training, organizational consulting, and program development. She is especially good at sorting through complicated process systems and helping people make changes that will result in the BEST outcomes. If you have a process improvement project happening at your business and you'd like a "hand", Sandy is the one to help.
Gina Krueger, REALiving Consultant and Intrinsic Coach, has amazing talent at curriculum development. She really likes to help people learn how to be their BEST and brings a great sense of humor to sessions to help enhance learning. If you have a need for some unique training sessions designed to target a goal area, Gina is expert that can help.
Ann Stevens, REALiving Consultant and Intrinsic Coach, is also a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). With her nursing background as a compliment to her experience as an administrator and leader, Ann likes to help people be their BEST at work and be healthy while doing it. If you’d like to focus on themes related to wellness, she can help!
MaryAnne Erickson, holds an Intrinsic Coaching certification from Totally Coached, International. She is also a Certified Wellness Speaker (CWS) and a Certified Wellness Program Manager, both from the Robert Fellows National Wellness Institute. If you have an intention to improve your health and wellness, MaryAnne is the coach for you!


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REALiving is a company with a mission (and a passion) to help you be your BEST.