Employee Achievement ProgramTM (EAP)

We’ve been told, “REALiving is MUCH MORE than an Employee Assistance Program.” And we are!

We think outside the box in providing services that help employees be successful. Our program is a social model, not a medical model. We focus on navigating “bumps in the road” of life. We offer tools that are engaging not stigmatizing. We are proactive not reactive. We are solution-focused not problem focused.

We know that our work and personal lives influence each other. Sometimes the stress at work affects our families and sometimes the challenges our families face impact our performance at work. LIFE HAPPENS.

Today’s world is very fast-paced. As we are all faced with the daunting task of “doing more with less,” it is increasingly difficult and more challenging to achieve and maintain a work-life balance and meet the demands in both our personal and professional lives.

We are all different, yet no one is immune to “bumps in the road.” They are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if you need to drive “around” the bump, slow down and stop, or drive right over the top of it!

We believe you are a person trying to be your BEST and it is our job to help you achieve that. Our Employee Achievement ProgramTM supports are REAL. They are practical. We will help you make a plan to maneuver through life’s challenges and whatever unexpected “bumps” you may encounter along the way quickly so you can return to being your BEST, both personally and professionally.

Our Employee Achievement ProgramTM will help you be your BEST! Contact us TODAY to get started.


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REALiving is a company with a mission (and a passion) to help you be your BEST.