Motivational Presentations

We have many professsionals that can speak on a variety of topics that will motivate and inspire you. You can choose from a presentation that has been given in the past or we can customize to meet the needs of your audience.

Join us for a 45 minute explanation of BESTology. At REALiving, we believe in five tenets that are sure to leave you thinking about what your BEST looks like now and what you want it to look like in the future. Holly Hakes explores BESTology in this popular, interactive, motivational group presentation.

"How to be Positive in a sometimes Not Very Positive World”
Let's face it, our world and our world of work is sometimes not a very positive place. When times are challenging, work can be a hot mess of not so positive things. Create a plan for navigating our "not so positive world" and end up in a place you can happily call your BEST.

"How to Live Worryfree, in a Worrisome World”
This presentation helps participants learn strategies for managing anxiety and “worry” in
their life, and learn to live above the worry, rather than be managed by it. This popular presentation includes specific, hands on strategies for identification or worries and tips
for “re-framing” worry.

“With a Rock You Can…..”
…do a lot of things! Good things, bad things, individual things, collective things. This
creative session uses a rock as the inspiration for creative ways to help participants
achieve their BEST.

“Two Percent Performers”
This presentation focuses in on the development of high performing leaders. It reviews
the skills, traits and abilities of the top “two percent” of performers and incorporates
strategies and motivational content to assist people in making themselves a super

“Anticipating Success - With Butterflies”
This presentation identifies the feelings – both positive and negative - that a person experiences in striving to achieve success. Some of the feelings experienced feel like
“danger” or “stress”, but in reality contain a message of encouragement and readiness. Participants will take away a message and vision of success brought to them by a
beautiful friend in nature - Butterflies.

“Diagnosis - SUCCESS”
This sessions uses the analogy of a DSM diagnosis and applies it to being successful. It
helps participants identify the not so positive symptoms of being successful (ie. worry
and anxiety) and helps them manage it, and also helps them identify and build symptoms
of success to help create a leader who has the “it” factor.

“Be a Difference Maker”
This motivational speech uses anonymous profiles of individuals with a variety of disabilities, and profiles the power and inspirational ways in which care professionals can be “difference makers”.

“The Ultimate Athlete - A Leader”
This presentation is based on a number of books that compare leadership to a high
performing sport - like climbing a mountain or running a marathon. This sessions helps
leaders realize the intensity of leadership and encourages preparation - by getting “in
shape” for being a leader, as well as on-going “conditioning” to help manage the elements.

This motivational speech helps participants identify and embrace often hard to see
“Hooray” moments when working in human services. Participants will learn to identify
“Hooray” moments, even when they aren’t as obvious. A message of both celebration
and acceptance helps participants to both celebrate when opportunities present, and to
keep their eyes and ears open for “Hooray” moments - even when times are tough.
“Hooray” moments sneak up on you in this field, and keep you coming back for more.

“Lessons Learned from Ben”
This session tells a story of family, and shares the experience of Holly Hakes (speaker)
as she cared for her siblings after the death of her mother, when Holly was 20 years old.
It shares the “Lessons” learned from her brother, “Ben”, and applies those to every day
life, including business, leadership and relationships.



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